Hot Irish Red Head Riordan At

It’s gonna be a month of red heads! Riordan is a very Irish boy, with a very Irish name, and very naughty streak. He is recently married, but I put him in the omni-sexual category. The more the better, no matter who is playing. Riordan says he doesn’t jack off much, if at all. I guess I believe him, mainly because he does seem like a very sexual guy, who likely takes advantage of ample opportunities in front of him.I do get the occasional complaint to, "Show the guys soft" and for the sake of file size and download time, I often skip over the "getting arroused" part. Though surprisingly, many are excited and raring to go, so there isn’t much down time. But Riordan was very relaxed and I knew he would enjoy showing off for you all. So his solo is interesting as he really engages the audience while looking right into the camera, and slowly but surely gets more and more turned on.And of course, if you like natural body hair (and red carpeting!) then you gotta tune in for this guy’s solo!

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