Introducing Sasha From LucasKazan 

Birth: 1974
Country: Russia
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 6’ 1 ”
Cock: 7”
Sexual Role: Versatile

Silky skin, chiseled body, pouty nipples… More than anything, Sasha’s melancholic mermaid eyes mesmorize you. They seem to reveal another mysterious Sasha, hiding behind his shyness and the magnetic good looks. After ON THE FARM and CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, this sexy Russian import landed the lead in THE INNKEEPER and the role of the spoiled film star in BACKSTAGE.

Sasha lives in Moscow and is now attending the local university, leaving behind a successful modeling career in the mainstream.



Like most Russians, Sasha enjoys vodka and is known to drink before filming. “It relaxes me”, he claims. Over the years, he has become more comfortable with his own sexuality, finally giving up his ‘straight’ persona and embracing his truer desires.

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We love ya Sasha and that’s a wrap