Gilberto Nestore In Muscle Eden Episode 4 At


Gilberto Nestore can’t believe it. A scrumptiously handsome muscle model himself, he took the advice of his gym buddies and made his reservations at the notoriously private off-shore bodybuilder retreat, MUSCLE EDEN… …. and already both his eyes – and the bulge in his jeans – are popping! It’s an endless parade of hot bodybuilders! On his second day in Paradise, Gilberto’s trying to take a peaceful nap when handsome heavyweight AMERIGO JACKSON checks into his own private suite. Aroused, Gilberto takes the voyeur’s approach to catch a private view for himself – and soon enough he’s back in his own quarters, relieving himself of all that built up sexual energy.. But he’s not the only one who needs to spank the monkey! In Gilberto’s clips you can catch previews of a few other huge bodybuilders who’ve cum to this private, members-only resort Paradise!  Enjoy. 

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