Title: Lance, Peter, Sky, Tom and Luke At HairyBoyz.com

Cast: Lance Gear , Luke Bronson , Peter Raeg , Sky Donovan , Tom Vacarro

Fur covered and sex crazed stud Lance Gear takes center stage here and begins by servicing two big dicks belonging too just as hairy Peter Raeg and Tom Vacarro. When the orgy action reaches full swing, there is just so much beef covered hair on display, that you will be in HairyBoyz heaven. 

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Title: Karinas Playboys At BangBangBoys.com

Cast: Davyd, Karina, Lucas

Here is the video you guys have to watch! Its our boys Davyd and Lucas Vs Karina! It is one hot video guys – trust us. At the start the boys go for a run and have a little boy on boy wrestling and then it is off to bed with Karina. 

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Title: Collin O’neal At XtraInches.com

Cast: Collin ONeal

Collin O’Neal is one of the biggest porn stars around, famous for his well built, hairy body, classic good looks and of course his big cock that shoots like a fire-hose. That big cock of his gets a good showing in this solo video of Collin jerking below a large rainforest tree and blowing one of his famous loads.

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Title: Vin and Jorge At CollinONeal.com

Cast: Jorge, Vin 

Collin had been flirting with Vin for a while before finally asking him to do porn. Collin was quite surprised that he was not only very open to working with him but had worked for a few companies recently. Collin offered Vin to come down to Madrid for a shoot and the next thing he knew he was at Barajas picking him up. Jorge is another model that has been wanting to work with Collin for a while so Collin thought pairing him up with Vin would be a good match since Vin loves to fuck big muscle butt and Jorge has one big muscular butt.  You can judge for yourself 🙂 

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