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Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Hazel
Height: 6′ 1"
Weight: 180lb
Waist: 33"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 13
Cock: 8" Cut
Physique: Athletic & Defined

PerfectGuyz Rian insists he is “straight”. From his demeanor it was obvious. During his interview he never warmed up to guy-guy activity but recently he did. Rian said that a massage from a guy “would be ok”. Enter the perfect set up for a massage session with the PerfectGuyz masseur – Brent.

Rian, lying naked on the massage table, took a few deep breaths to start the relaxation process. It is exciting to watch his response to the deep kneading of his muscles. After Brent makes the pass from head to toe he begins to focus more attention on specific areas – Rian’s tight ass. The warm sensation from the massage oil is exhilarating for Rian. Next Brent tells Rian to turn over – to begin work on his front side. He begins kneading Rian’s firm Pecs – progressively moving to his legs and inner thighs. Rian is completely relaxed. Brent naturally makes his way to Rian’s tool – his hand slowly encircles the head of Rian’s hard cock. It is exciting to watch as it is the FIRST time another guy has touched Rian in this way. Brent’s strong hands begin to slowly stroke Rian’s cock – from the head to the balls. Finally Rian couldn’t hold out. He exploded, Rian let out a quiet sigh! He was spent! Enjoy Rian in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

We lov ya Rian keep relaxing