Joe Strong Is Back At


After almost 7 months,  Mr. Joe Strong is back in the Extrabigdicks studios. This muscular 25 year old from Puerto Rico currently lives right in Miami. He’s single at the moment and smiles as he tells us it’s a very good thing: “I can do whatever I want!” He has been traveling and visiting family and friends back home in Puerto Rico since we last saw him as well as doing an adult flick or two on the side. When asked what the hottest sex he’d had since we last saw him was he grinned as he confessed a threesome with a Brazilian couple. He was approached in Time Square by a guy that told him his girlfriend liked him. Out of curiosity he asked to meet her. She was hot so they invited him up to their suite at the W Hotel. Once up there, the champagne was flowing and once the 2 started fucking as Joe watched. After a few, the brazilian boy asked him to join in. He ended up fucking them both! Fucking the boy as his own girlfriend watched turned out to be one of the hottest things he’s done to date. He also loved looking down at his huge uncut cock watching the young couple both take turns on his knob as they made out. “That was hot—I have pictures!” he chuckles. Joe doesn’t like to jack off and hasn’t bust a nut on about 5 days. He prefers to have someone take his load from him. Settle down, boys! …The line forms to the right! 

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