Mario and Bobby Clark At

This week, we bring you two str8 alumni to have a session together.  Mario, now 25, is a Miami native. He gets hotter and hotter every time we see him. Mario is outgoing and gets himself into all sorts of trouble.  Bobby Clark, the 23 year old Wake board Instructor from the West coast of Florida, is a horn dog himself. Recently, Bobby got the chance to hook up with a girl he always sees out at the clubs while tailgating at a UCF Championship Game.  Both of these players have what it takes to score and today we get to watch how these two service their ‘equipment’ between games. Enjoy. 

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Enrique At

Enrique At

Enrique comes to us from the West Coast. He was in San Diego when he decided to give this a go. At 33, Enrique is new to the adult industry and is making quite the name for himself. He has already worked with several studios out west and is enjoying every minute of it. He says he was a tubby boy 2 years ago at 210 pounds; but, he got rid of the extra pounds and has managed to maintain it through cardio and biking. He pulled a muscle about two months ago and has been unable to hit the gym like he’d like to, but he laughs and warns us that next time we see him, he will be rock solid muscle. His look is very masculine with a sexual energy about him. His tanned skin offsets his brilliant blue eyes. You can’t miss them as he stares through you. His cock is just as impressive, measuring in at an impressive 8½ uncut inches. “Very good top …and also a hot ass bottom”… Enrique is up for anything. Fortunately, he’s about to give us an idea of what that cock looks like in action. Enjoy!

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