Introducing Joey Sparks At

The adorable gay singer Eric Himan has an excellent song called Bartender where his sexy voice croons "why do I always fall in love with a bartender? Some kind of charm coming from behind the bar, is that the bartender?" Yes and it’s Joey Sparks! 

Joey’s a bartender by trade. He’s also not new to the adult industry but this was Randy’s first time shooting him. Joey slowly and seductively stripped out of his clothes, revealing a little of his body at a time. He knows he has a hot body and he loves to tease. Once he releases his thick meaty snake from it’s denim prison you know you’re in for a good show. He doesn’t miss a trick, he strokes his tool with one hand while another finds his way to a perfect hole, letting a finger track the perimeter, massaging the folds of skin until if eventually finds its way to poke inside, just a little, just enough to titillate.

As a little bonus, there are some nice close up of his sexy feet. Of course, the grand finale has Joey spurting thick, gooey ropes of hot jizz all over his tight stomach. Enjoy.

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