In The Crossfire 3 At

The Active Duty veteran models sometimes come together and help Dink Flamingo bring a new recruit across the line. This very thing happened in the first scene of their new DVD release, Caught in the Crossfire 3. Miles is a hot sailor with a big dick who up to this point had only done a solo in the War Chest, an exclusive section for Active Duty members that shows videos that aren’t on DVD. He almost did a scene for Dink several times, but kept backing out. This time, Gage and Spencer are over, and you can see Miles open up for the camera about an experience he had with a buddy when he was younger. 

Most porn companies throw you right into the sex with no feeling of what the guys are like as people. Dink says, "personalities are sexy." So, when you get a dose of Active Duty porn, you get more than just porn, you get personality, too. Getting to know the guys and their personalities is just as important as the hot sex they share. After all, no one likes plastic, right? One blogger that I read often referred to much of the porn he sees as "Japanese sex robots in action" and hails Active Duty for not putting the plastic before the personality.

Thomas, Domenic, Brock and Kasey round out a very nice foursome as they begin blowing each other. Domenic and Thomas team up together while Kasey and Brock form a team. By the time it’s all over Brock has fucked Kasey and Domenic has taken on Thomas’ huge cock like a champ, blowing a hot load while Thomas pounds his ass. Be sure not to miss Caught in the Crossfire 3 and enjoy some personality with your porn.

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Active Duty has a great section in their members’ area called the "War Chest." This section is updated weekly with exclusive content for members that can’t be found anywhere else. These are videos and photos that of some great scenes that never made it on to DVD. This is a really nice offering from Active Duty that you don’t see very often. These scenes give members a glimpse into to complex world of pornography and show just how "real" Active Duty’s movies are. Some of these are models first attempts at bottoming that just weren’t right for DVD, but we still love to see it. Others may feature a model that did a solo, but never did another scene.

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Active Duty currently has 47 such "War Chest" videos streaming, and adds a new one each Wednesday. The latest features sexy, cut stud Cash with tight bottom Damien. Join now and you can see them, along with all the other War Chest movies, 9 full-length movies that are changed weekly, hundreds of video clips, thousands of photos, and an interactive live chat show almost daily! Besides Active Duty’s 2 updates per week, you also get regularly updated content from Dirty Bird Pictures, My Straight Buddy, and Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour! If you join now, you can also catch a special series of live Christmas sex shows beginning Monday, December 8th!

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