Introducing Mike Scott from GeminiMen

Mike is as you can see very masculine and very sexy so it’s no surprise he also has a sexy deep voice. He’s in his late 20’s, 5’11 and weighs about 175. He has a tight, lean muscular body with very little body fat. He’s also got a noticeable 6-pack.  His furry chest has great definition. He has a really nice cock and big low hanging balls. 

Sexually he’s straight although he is fast discovering the benefits of bisexuality.  He started doing solo videos (as almost everyone does) went on to work with toys, and then started trying guy on guy sex.  In the coming weeks you will see the results of his experimenting so stay tuned.

You can catch his pics in Honcho magazine, they ran him in both Honcho (March 2006) and Inches (May 2006).  This boy is hot!  We love Scott. I think we love every guy we see…oh well lol. You can see much more of him at