Introducing Derek (tall dark haired) and Logan

Everyone at CF has been asking, "Where’s Derek been?!?!"

Derek’s one of those performers that could be in every other video and still be as energetic, enthusiastic, and downright hot as can be!

Likewise, Logan is a regular subject of "Where is…?!?!" e-mails, and it seems every new video he appears in, as with Derek’s, serves to fire up greater demand for future appearances than it does satisfy the existing desire to see him!

Well, for those of you who’ve been patiently waiting to see Derek return, you’re going to be especially pleased with him in this new video! He’s been hitting the gym religiously since we last saw him and his body is looking hotter now than ever before – and that’s quite a statement!

Logan’s also trimmed up quite well.

With both of these in-demand studs in prime form and looking better than ever, we’re in for quite the treat with this video! We’ve never seen these two guys paired up one-on-one (they did engage in some insanely hot bi action over on ACS together) and so it was high time to let them have at one another and show off not only their hot bods, but also their unmatched performance skills! These two go at it without holding anything back and nearly break the bed in doing so! This is sizzling guys. Enjoy!

We lov ya Derek and Logan and that’s a wrap!