Daniel’s Ty’s Lil Bro On CorbinFisher.com

Height: 5′ 11"
Build: Swimmers
Waist: 31
Weight: 155 lbs
Cock: 7.5" Cut
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Shoe: 10.5

It probably goes without saying, as you have likely spotted the resemblance already, but Daniel is Ty’s younger brother! The physical resemblance is clear enough as is, but when you hear Daniel speak it’s all the more obvious that they’re brothers. Their voices and mannerisms are also so, so similar that were you to close your eyes and have them both speak, it’d be near impossible to tell the difference between them!

Thank goodness Ty and Daniel are so close. Whereas most other brothers would be extremely annoyed to have their younger brother ask, "Where’d you go? What were you doing? What kind of shoot was it? How was it?", upon returning home after their first shoot with us, Ty and Daniel get along well enough that Ty’s answer to those questions was, "Why

don’t you come along next time and find out?". Thank you, Ty!

As much as Daniel has in common with Ty when it comes to looks and mannerisms, there is one really big difference between the two. While Ty is the sexually adventurous wild child, Daniel is still a virgin! He’s done oral and messed around some, but has never gone all the way. It’s certainly not on account of lack of opportunity, I’d imagine. With that cute face, great eyes, and engaging personality, I can’t imagine he’d ever have any problems getting any girl he wanted!

Yes, Daniel is straight. Like his brother, he’s very comfortable with himself and with talking about sex, and admits that he’s had fleeting, curious thoughts just like any one else does, but might

not admit. He’s confidently straight, though, which is fine by us!

I almost feel a bit bad comparing Daniel to his brother Ty so much. But, as you can imagine, it’s hard not to when fortunate enough to be filming the hot, younger brother of a model that has recently become extremely popular here at CF. So, it’s worth pointing out that Daniel is equipped with a nice, hot dick of his own! There’s something that definitely runs in the family! A difference? Well, while Daniel looks damn good blowing his big load all over, his orgasms are not quite as expressive as Ty’s. That’s not a problem in the least, though, and I hope we’ll be seeing plenty of those orgasms in the future!

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