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 Chris admires the boy next door. In fact, We have the hots for him. He’s handsome, in a fresh-faced, wholesome way. He’s got a crewcut. He wears a suit. He’s athletic, outgoing and got a can-do attitude. We bet he’d be fun to have alone. We could offer him a massage. After all that exercise, he’d like that. He’d lie down, let me push my hands into every groove of his muscles, and we’d watch as all of his body parts get hard. He seems like the kind of guy who could let it all out and feel good about it.

Well now that fantasy has come to life. With a perfectly shaped frame, washboard abs and a tight-as-a-drum body, Chris works a day job as a fitness model and can be seen on This 24-year-old stands tall at over 6 feet. But he’s anything but lanky, with 215 pounds of solid muscle, a 51-inch chest, 32-inch waist, 18.5-inch biceps, and 29-inch thighs.

Although he loves to play sports of all kinds, Chris has been especially successful in bodybuilding competitions, where he’s placed high in several national qualifications. So he knows how to pose. He can flex those muscles for you, even make them dance. It’s like we said; he’s playful. He feels good about his body—and he wants you to feel it, too. 

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