Behind The Line 2 At

Active Duty’s new release, Behind the Line 2, marks a milestone for them. It was Christmas of 2004 when Dink Flamingo first met Brock. He came and spent the holidays with Dink and they hit it off immediately. Brock started out slow that Christmas with a double jack off session with Cameron and a nice, slow blow-job from Kody in MIA: Men in Action. That was Active Duty’s 101st video release and Brock wouldn’t make his return until their 121st video release in Rear Gunners (also streaming this week) where he would meet up with such AD legends as Cole, Kody (again), Hoss and Dean for his first time of sucking and what a first-timer he was! We wouldn’t see Brock again on Active Duty until our 151st release, Drafted. And, we’ve seen him a couple of times since, but today now in AD’s 161st release, Behind the Line 2, Brock takes the biggest step of them all—-and bottoms! But he doesn’t just bottom for anyone. He starts things out slow with Kasey and then moves on to his old pal Cole and goes for the gusto. That’s right, Kasey *and* Cole top Brock in Behind the Line 2. But the first timers aren’t done there. Behind the Line 2 is also Domenic’s first time crossin’ the line and he does it big. Kasey bottoms for Domenic, Reese bottoms for Cole and Damien rides Reese like his own new pony. Behind the Line 2 is big! 

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