Arin One The Best Of Is Back!

Arin contacted Bryan wanting to know if the solo thing was still available. Was it?  Turns out he was pretty sick. He kept getting Strep throat and had to get his tonsils out, which apparently knocked him on his ass for 6 weeks. Not a fun recovery for an adult. Arin spends a lot of time scuba diving and in the water, so all the water pressure wasn’t helping.  So he spent a couple months getting back in to shape. He’s leaner but more muscular, but his adorable and engaging smile still makes me wish there was even a trace of gay boy in him.


And now you get to hear him talk. He just sounds like such a straight dude, with his thick Texas accent. We know you all don’t sit through the interview (the first time watching) but you can really see how smooth, good looking, yet not cocky this boy is.

And we finally get to see him at full mast, busting a nut. His dick just gets bigger and bigger and this is one of those vids where we basically shot straight through with not even one break. He slowly teases his dick (and us) forever. It’s a loooong solo!  Arin has got to be one of the hottest guys on Chaosmen! 

CLICK HERE to take the XXX tour 


CLICK HERE to take the XXX tour

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