Aaron James Fucks Dean Carter At CollegeDudes247.com

Aaron James was dying  to shoot a scene in his hometown, so when the crew went on a road trip with Dean Carter, the did not want to miss a chance to see Dean getting plowed by AJ in a cool club in his town. Dean starts off this scene going after AJs lips as they kiss in a hot makeout session, but before long their cocks are out and the slurping and sucking begins. Dean winds up riding up and down AJs pole right on the bar stool, before AJ flips him onto the bar and fucks him until he blows a nice load. If you know Dean, you know how crazy he gets when he is getting fucked, screaming and moaning, and with AJ and his aggressive style Dean was practically swept away as he took AJs cock. 

This is HOT guys.. so stay tuned!