Nash and Zane RAW On!

This is a dream pairing! Both Nash and Zane really love to fuck and get fucked, but they also are motivated to keep you fans happy.  Zane’s dick tricks us everytime with it’s deceptively "normal size" that is in scale with his giant body. It looks like a normal sized cock, but when you see it in a dude’s mouth or ass, Bryan realizes  he might have made the bottom bite off more than he can chew! Oh lucky bottom boy 🙂

Thankfully Nash is not afraid of a little pain (clearly since he finished his arm tattoo!) So Bryan thought he could handle Zane’s width. And with no muss or fuss, he sat right down on it. Slowly but surely grinding on it so he can control it. Some awesome footage here!

Nash stays wobbly during the fucking, but peps right up when it is time to fuck Zane, who is always in hog heaven when he has a dick up his ass. 

Zane starts to feel like he is gonna nut while being fucked, so we switch back to Nash bottoming, and we think Bryan got some different angles from underneath by using a nearby side table. Nash tries to nut in this way, but probably needs to be on his back for that trick to work.

So Bryan zipped on back to getting Zane’s legs back in the air and  barely had time to get his cameras setup before he was nutting. Nash gives Zane a facial and sucks the last bit of cum out of his dick!  Enjoy!

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