Title: Latin Jocks

Cast: Adriano Morais, Adriano Rodgriguez, Alan White, Andre, Andre Gaucho, Daniel, Davyd, Felix, Gill, Jay Long, Kaio Castro, Poax 

New! Latin Jocks! Directed and filmed by Gavin Lowe. Starring Davyd and Gill and the Men of BangBangboys.com 

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Title: Jock Itch 2 – Balls To The Wall

Cast: Aitor Crash, Cory Koons , Damian Rios, Dominic Sol, Jake Deckard , Jon Matthews, Steve Cruz, Tober Brandt 

AS LAST SEEN IN Jock Itch 1! So here’s the deal. Captain Deckard loses the game, and has to pay the price. The rule is You throw the game, you get fucked." After an extended ass-mauling, Deckard gets decked. Sprawled out on the locker room floor, his mind wanders into a phantasma of hot fuckos in cool gear, gettin’ it on. His dream state has slowly moved into an aggressive fucked up nightmare, the rules are off, and things are hotter and meaner by the minute. It’s balls to the wall excitement as Deckards mind runs off the rails! Batter Up! 

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