Introducing Wayne From Chaosmen

Wayne is 22 yrs old. Wayne has done a few Chaos shoots. The last shoot Wayne did with Zack was a bit beyond his limits. But he still needed work, and he kept asking to do another solo. Bryan doesn’t normally do two solos with a guy, so he told him he could do a toy video. He agreed, but said the toy had to be VERY small…lol.
They created some nice shower shots and Wayne has gotten very relaxed and is much more willing to smile for the camera. He was having fun this time out. The toy thing, well, you can tell he enjoyed it in the video, though it took him some time to warm up to it. But we certainly don’t think he will be sitting on traffic cones any day soon.
Wayne seems a bit embarassed by all the attention he has gotten, and he just might have reached his limit this time but then that’s what it seemed like the last shoot. We hope he comes back. He is one smokin’ hot straight boy!

CLICK HERE To see more of Wayne in action!

We love ya Wayne and hope you’ll be back