Wanna Marry Dru At CorbinFisher.com

If you want to marry Dru by the time you’re done watching his introductory solo video, you won’t be alone. Even Pete couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he was filming Dru and talking to him during his interview. "You’re a looker!", Pete tells Dru, soliciting a modest smile and laugh from him.

AGE 22
HEIGHT 6′ 2"
WEIGHT 180 lbs
HAIR Blond
BUILD Athletic
COCK 8" Cut
SHOE 12 

CF always looks forward to a guy’s interview when, as Pete first asks them how they’re doing, they turn the question around. "It’s going pretty good! How about yourself?", Dru responds to Pete. It might seem like a fairly simple and trivial comment, but we think it always says a lot about just how engaging someone is going to be when they respond with that, rather than just a simple, "Fine!" or "Good!".

Engaging, charismatic, endearing and downright hot all describe Dru. He readily flashes his winning smile throughout his chat with Pete, and his eyes are just as expressive as that smile. He’s one of those guys that speaks with every bit of his face, his entire expression reflecting what he’s saying, enhancing the words, and adding to his appeal.

Dru is quite the athlete, and a unique one at that. He recently got in to acrobatics and trapeze, which is a first for a CF Freshman! As nervous as it makes me thinking about Dru flying around the air like that, I have to admit I would love to see it! He just darn well better use a net!

Dru’s weakness is exotic girls – he loves accents, loves girls from outside of the US, and especially loves Latin girls. He’s quite well-traveled himself, having recently backpacked across Europe (breaking hearts all across the continent, no doubt). Whereas the overwhelming majority of CF Freshman answer "The ass!" when asked about their favorite part of a girl’s body, Dru first notices their clavicle, neck and shoulder area. So… Latin girls with great clavicles, here’s your man!

"If a girl is daring enough and she wants to stick her finger in your ass while I’m fucking her, that’s a keeper right there!", Dru confesses. Well damn! He’s not afraid of a little buttplay and even thoroughly enjoys it. When he starts to strip down for us, we find out he likes to go commando! Likes buttplay… doesn’t wear underwear… do you think he was going out of his way to drive us nuts, or it just comes to him naturally?!

With that tall, defined, and hot body and that amazing face, it’s only fitting he also has an awesome ass, a great set of balls, and a nice, big dick. That’s a keeper right there! And the way he totally leaves Pete speechless and stumbling at the end of his solo? Both hilarious and hot! I think Dru could have a very bright future here at CF!

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Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

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