Cliff Jensen Tops Val Aris


Val's Lucky Day! 

Today on, Val Aris is one lucky guy. Hailing from the Windy City, is Val Aris. Cliff (our Top) is 21, a meager 6’3” tall, has seductive blue eyes with a massively thick 8½” cock. Vallets his hands do the talking as he starts feeling up Cliff’s chest and abs. Cliff hauls out his fat cock waving it in the air teasing Val.

Kneeling before him Val goes to work worshipping at the Cliff cock temple. Cliff’s balls are pulled up tight as Val continues spit shining his rod. From there they take it bunk style as they maneuver into a hot 69. Cliff’s thick cock appreciates the attention but it’s gonna want more…“Love the way that asshole feels on my dick” groans Cliff as Val slides his hot ass down to the hilt. He starts to ride Cliff’s thick cock as he bounces up and down on it wanting all of it inside him. Cliff then stands and bends Val over so he can keep fucking him doggy style. Cliff means business as he starts to hammer his thick dick home.

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