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There are TWO new pledges at the Fratpad but they’ve kept their last two also. This means we will have four pledges and only five active Fratmen to boss them around. There’s going to be a revolt, we’re sure. 

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Our two new pledges are Jayden and Ty. Members have been begging for both guys to make an appearance and the two guys have been having a blast. Jayden especially had a bit of a fun start.. the first time he jacked off on camera, he went to lock the door. Now, of course, he’s getting naked in front of everyone and letting Diego rub him everywhere. IT seems that letting Diego give you a massage is a right of passage for all Fratpad pledges…

Calvin And Shay Recap At

Calvin And Shay Recap At

Last week Calvin and Shay did yet another Fratpad signature Jackoff Races. Fratpad burst onto the Tube-O-verse two years ago with their famous Jackoff Races. The rules are simple… two men jack off in a race to the cum shot and the winner must blow his load on the loser. Both Shay and Calvin were cocky at the start of the race, but it was Calvin who was still smiling at the end with Shay wearing Calvin’s load all over himself. Shay was a good sport about it but you can tell that he’s wanting a grudge match. We hope so too. A hot, tanned, blond-pubed hunk like Calvin deserves a bit of cum on him. 

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