Troy Has It All At

Who wouldn’t love Troy 🙂

If you could pic one BukBuddies hottie to spend a weekend, or even one night with, it would just have to be Troy. This 24 year old stud exudes sensuality from every angle. Troy’s a genuine super stud, yet he’s as friendly and engaging as one of your best bar buddies. He’s got it all and best of all he willing to share it in this super set called “Troy Built.” And yes, there are high res pics, 236 to be exact, which you can download to your personal archives.  The staging is simple and the lighting seductive as we shoot Troy in an upscale hotel in Toronto taking advantage of the unique setting and natural morning back lighting for some superbly dramatic effects.  On the floor or in the sofa, clothed or nude, Troy is the whole show. His chiseled, youthful body, dark hair and eyes are complemented by rough dark stubble on his strong masculine chin.

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When it cums to the money shot sequence, well, Troy is rock solid. He maintains his erection with little difficulty as he culminates the set in perfect style. Don’t miss the last few shots, they are awesome.

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