Title: Trey, Josh and Matthew At HairyBoyz.com

Cast: Josh West, Matthew Ford, Trey Casteel

We start this month with hair and muscle overload! This vid begins with Josh West licking the head of his own impossibly large cock. Its amazing to see such a big, brutal muscle god bent into this impossible position, but Josh knows what he likes. Matthew Ford joins the video and wants Joshs mouth for himself. Matthew is a giant piece of man-meat and after swapping spit, cocks, and ass licks, Trey Casteel joins the two burly daddies. These men are pigs! Oink, oink! The two daddies take control of their bottom boy Trey and he takes every inch, wanting more and more. After several positions, including a three-way train, these men work themselves up to their white-hot climaxes.

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