Nine Inch Tommy Plugs Steven Price At 

They have been using their tape measure overtime at this week starting with the King of the Chicago meat packers, 19 year old Tommy Defendi with his lean, slightly hairy bod, square jawed handsomeness and most of his, his jaw breaking 9” missile of a cock. The lucking landing pad for those nine inches of dick is Puerto Rican fire crotch, Steven Ponce. In no time all we hear is Tommy moaning as Steven bobs his hot mouth up and down on his rock hard fuck stick. Tommy’s cock is a thick piece of Midwestern Maverick and Steven can’t seem to get enough of it. Tommy is tall and has a naturally lean and defined frame. Tommy wants some dick too as they get into a hot 69 on the couch. Tommy soon lubes up & Steven bounces up and down and grinds his hungry hole way down to the base, sending them both into orbit. “Harder” Steven begs as Tommy picks up the pace. “Like that ass?” he taunts as Tommy stands him up and gets right back in that ass. Steven loses it and shoots what seems like a gallon of jizz all over his smooth chest and abs. Tommy isn’t far behind as he too coats Steven’s cum soaked frame. Mission Accomplished!

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