Uberhunk Dean Coulter and the dashing and perennially furry Tom Vaccaro star in this kinky release. After a hard day at the office, Coulter practically devours Vaccaros huge cock in a red-hot display that really must be experienced. 

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From Rear Stable

Title: Tailpipes, Scene 5

Cast: Dak Ramsay, Justin Christopher, Martin Mazza

Furry chests abound in this horny Mechanic three-way. Justin Christopher and Martin Mazza quickly undress under a car, Justin’s dick pops out of his pants and Martin swallows the huge tool. After sucking the big shaft, Martin wants the 10-incher up his ass! Soon Dak Ramsey joins the fray and brings along a Francois Sagat dildo. Martin takes the Dildo, and then Dak’s cock, as Justin jerks off, watching the action. When the cum shots arrive, Martin covers himself with cum, and Justin and Dak climax together on Martin’s abs.

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Tony DaVinci At

Title: Tony Davinci At

Cast: Tony DaVinci

If you love muscle, you are guaranteed to be in heaven with bodybuilder star Tony DaVinci. With a body that looks like its been carved from stone, this dark muscled stud is 100 per cent testosterone fueled power! He flexes his ripped muscles by a stream in the Californian countryside here, his muscles are beautiful, his dick is huge and his face classical. Throw in a gorgeous location and you have one hot video – what more could you want in an outdoors solo? 

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