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Here’s the best way to introduce Tito, a quote from his member page on site

When asked, "I am sure our member’s are going to love you! Are you straight, gay, bi?",

Tito replies; "I am straight but this one time…I was working at this fucking fast food place and the manager was a real pervert…I was late a couple of times and he called me into the office. I thought for sure I was getting my ass fired (again). He told me to come in and shut the door…he told me that he was gonna have to let me go and I asked him if there was any way he could give me another chance…he looked right at my crotch and said, "well, there is one thing that you could do…you could let me suck your cock." I was thinking fuck man I think I can get a raise at the same time…so I told him and he said, he could do that but I would need to let him suck my cock every Friday when I picked up my check. I said, no problem and he came over to me…dropped to his knees…I was thinking this is pretty hot…getting more money and head! I stayed at that job for 8 months before I got tired of it and left!"

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