Introducing Charlie From CorbinFisher

HEIGHT: 6’2"
BUILD: Athletic COCK: 6.5" Cut

Charlie as you can see is a beautiful man. He has an incredible tan, a brilliantly white and flawless smile, a pair of intensely hot blue eyes, and a wonderfully lean body. He has an awesome attitude and edge to him, and is also amazingly charismatic and friendly. Charlie has inspired a lot of e-mails from everyone, and it’s not hard to see why! We think you’ll find him just as endearing and appealing.  Surely, Charlie turns heads wherever he goes, and at CorbinFisher  

We get to go beyond just seeing a guy and fantasizing – we get to actually see studs like Charlie stripped down fully naked and getting off.  Another fun thing about Charlie is that before they shot this video, he said "Hey… should I shave my ass? It’s hairy." They told him a lot of viewers might like some hair and he responded, "No but… it’s REALLY hairy!". Every bit of Charlie adds to his appeal and so they simply had to let him keep things natural and treat us to everything he has to offer! Enjoy!


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   Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

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