Andrew is one of the oddest straight boys. He only fucks boys on camera (fucks chicks and uses toys off camera). So when he finds a boy he wants to hook up with, he calls up and says, “I’ve found a guy to do a scene with.”  Spencer caled up with a new friend Andrew he wanted to fuck.   The scene starts with the boys kissing. Andrew can’t hold back and starts sucking Spencer’s cock. Spencer forces Andrew’s head down onto his dick. Spencer spins Andrew around and starts rimming Andrew and finger fucking his hole, as Andrew continues to suck Spencer’s cock. Next Spencer preps Andrew’s hole for his cock, shoving a dildo up Andrew’s ass. Finally its game time, and Spencer drives his dick deep up into Andrew’s hole. Andrew’s rock hard cock flops against his chest as Spencer pounds him. The boys fuck in a few positions when Andrew finally loses it and blows his load all over the blanket. Spencer is close behind shooting all over Andrew’s back. Enjoy! 

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