Zack Randall was voted by Freshmen Magazine as Freshmen of the Year. ChaosMen has a spread in the latest issue, and  the cover of Freshmen! In conjunction with his spread, Bryan just released a video he did with porn star named Mason Wyler, who alone has a very nice following. So it should be a triple whammy, See Zack in Freshmen, then see him in action on ChaosMen with Mason.

Zack’s Bio

Zack is 21 yrs old and was a referral from another model who had worked on the set with him on another production. They found out they had more in common than just the city they had flown out from, we’re not sure but would say they are dating, but they’ve definitely become close. Zack’s done a lot of work in the adult genre before, so hopefully his fans will enjoy seeing these great photos as well as his awesome Chaosman solo. No worries on just getting a solo of him as he will be back in a week or so, getting it on with a dude.

When asked to do a strip tease for the camera he complied like a pro. He is pretty much an extrovert when it comes to these things and it is fun to watch a dude really get off on showing off, rather than being all nervous-like (which is not without its charms also.)

The boy oozes sensuality and playfulness, and that cock is just amazing! Zack is a cerebral boy. He was one of those smarty-pants kids that competed in speed chess, music and band, and likely excelled top honors at all of his genius level courses. He loves philosphy and logic and critical thinking.  It’s refreshing seeing a "geeky" kid who can get into being all hot and sexy, and can still talk about the meaning of the universe and String Theory.

And yes, those are hearing aids.

Ps. He video is a top notch solo, practically filmed in Real-Time.  You can see Zack in action and all the other hot guys at  We love Zack!