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Sharpshooter Studios

Centerfold hunks with buff & beautiful bodies love to flaunt it in all of our Sharpshooter titles. Each release features undiscovered talent with fresh, hunky bodies never seen in any other production. Sharpshooter Studios bring you athletes, bodybuilders and centerfolds in Malerotic and Alone At Last. Rowdy-guy horseplay in Naked Muscle Warriors peeks behind the curious closet doors of male athletic  competitions.

Watch beautifully built men as they play for the winning team, golden bodies glistening with sweat for your private fantasies. Join the unique Sharpshooter Studios private hideaway of rubbing, touching and seducing masculine bodies exclusively on our network.

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 Male centerfolds, fashion models, go-go boys and college athletes reveal every inch of their heavenly bodies – tastefully baring it all. Hardbody show ‘n’ tell.

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 With the bodies of Greek gods, nine amazing athletes compete in six challenging contests that honor the centuries-old tradition of nude combat.

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With their cute white butts and their sleekly muscled bodies, this sexy volleyball team is hot to watch in action. Naked and sweaty, it’s the only way to play!

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This is one Football League you’re definitely going to want to join, or at the very least volunteer to be the towel boy for those sweaty players!