Scene Of The Week COLT – HARD WOOD, Scene 2


Jockstraps and muscles merge in a feast for the senses as Marc Vallint and Ethan Hudson engage in a hot and heavy session of kissing, groping and flexing. Marc’s thick muscle-bound body inspires much admiration from Ethan. Working his way down and springing that rock-hard cock free, Ethan gives every inch of Marc’s thick body the loving attention it deserves. Basking in the attention Marc gives us an eyeful of his thick muscled body and his hard swollen cock.

With Ethan’s monster cock in his hands, Marc turns his attention to pleasing Ethan’s tight hot ass. Marc works that hole, licking, kissing and gently probing his way into that sweet ass. Ethan’s cock and balls dangle below as Marc continues to feast on that ass.

Ethan really takes a pounding. Marc’s thick muscled body drives his hard cock deep into that hole. Hard sweaty fucking, throbbing hard cocks, thick muscled bodies, the sights and sounds of men having sex… the tensions mount as these guys get closer and closer to the edge. Sprawled out on a rock, Marc swallows Ethan’s thick swollen cock as he unleashes a mind-blowing load. From above, Ethan straddles Marc face, firing back with his own drenching load of cum, shot in buckets across Marc heaving chest.

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