Ryan’s Back At PerfectGuyz.com

After a year long hiatus – we are excited to welcome back PerfectGuyz Rian. Although still very much a young man at 19 years of age, Rian is blossoming into a beautiful stud. In the past year he has been training and sculpting his body. Today he stands more chiseled, more muscular, and more handsome than ever! At his core, Rian is still “straight as an arrow” – an aspect of him that we truly enjoy. But he has a curious, adventurous side. Enter the Fleshjack – the #1 selling male sex toy in the world. Rian admitted to “hearing about it” but never had the pleasure of the experience. It was barely 5 minutes of playfully thrusting with the Fleshjack before Rain exclaimed “I need to get one of these”! Indeed, He was enjoying it – slowly sliding his beautiful cock into the orifice – teasing the head of his cock to deepen the pleasure. Rian then progressed into fucking the toy – grunting with each thrust. He was getting close – so he transitioned on to his back. Finally he gave way to an amazing orgasm – pulling out of the Fleshjack the moment before he unloaded a stream of cum. Enjoy Rian in this special encore PerfectGuyz presentation.

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