Ryan Rockford Sweet Smile Heats It Up!


"When Ryan Rockford first came in for a test shoot and Randy really loved his sexy smooth body. Randy likes body hair but this looked good on him.

Ryan has a really sweet smile and quite the handsome face. Once he started shooting he totally got into the moment. It’s like he’s a very laid back guy most of the time but when the moment comes he turns up the heat 120 degrees. He looked so hot running his hands all over his well developed pecs, showing off his muscular arms and legs, then spitting on his hand and working his cock like he’s sneaking a rub out in storage room at the office while nobody else is around. He’s got just a hint of a dirtyboy hidden under that all American jock look of his, and that just drives me wild. This bonus shoot has Ryan soaking in a hot and steamy bath letting the water accentuate all of his hot gym jock muscle."

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  Take the Blue tour



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