Introducing Rocky from CircleJerkBoys

Rocky’s a babe! Rocky lost his cherry when he was a freshman to the captain of the varsity cheerleaders, making his rite of manhood the reality that most straight guys just fantasize about. Seeing this handsome, twenty-two-year-old football star not just pull off his clothes in the locker room, but pull on that beautiful fat cock until a huge load covers his abs is a fantasy for most gay guys and one that will become a reality on today! Dark spiky hair, deep-brown eyes, a sexy low voice, and a body packed with muscle, Rocky is like a big bruiser from the frat house with a sexual appetite to match. “I am all about a girl’s ass,” he declares, “first I lick it, then I stick it.” As for Rocky himself, first licking him, then sticking him sounds like a fine plan to us. But as he loosens his belt, grabs a skin mag and bottle of lube, some ideas of his own, along with something causing the crotch of his jeans to bulge, were also taking shape. And we are more than happy to see what developed next. Major hottie!! Enjoy.

We love you Rocky and that’s a fact and a wrap