Rocco Very Peronal Trainer At LatinBoyz

* Birthdate: June 21st(Cancer)
* Height: 5ft 9 inches (166 centimeters)
* Weight: 168 lbs. (74 kilograms)
* Dick: 7" uncut (18 centimeters)

The guys Rocco at a street festival where he was handing out handmade flyers to promote himself as a personal trainer. His look was perfect for a LatinBoyz.Com shoot. He insisted he would never do nude modeling so they asked how much he charged for personal training… Then told him how much nude modeling pays… It took all of about 10 seconds for him to change his mind!

We’re glad he did because this young stud has an amazing body and bulging biceps (and just about everything else for that matter). Rocco is bisexual and strictly a top when he’s with guys and loves to fuck ass. He told us most girls don’t like it up the ass and that’s how he ended up fucking around with guys and likes having the best of both worlds.

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