Roberto Viva Italia At

¡Viva Italia! Roberto Carnivelle, our dark, swarthy Italian import is back…again. Since we last saw our Italian personal trainer and fashion model, he has gained an even better appreciation for Miami. The beach, the women, the clubs and nightlife is hotter than he imagined. He loves that when he is in the sack with American girls they all scream “Oh my God!” He thought that was only in the movies. lol “The hottest girls are in Miami,” he beams. He still wants to marry an Italian bambina when he settles down. In the meantime, Roberto loves the Latinas with their big booties. He’s a definite ass man and he’s already refining his Spanish. He loves to fuck ass more than he likes to fuck pussy. Most girls won’t let him but when he finds one that will; he goes to town on her. He loves to eat, slap, spank, fuck ass—you name it. He’ll even let a girl return the favor—just don’t get too crazy! If he had a fantasy scenario with any actress or someone he knew; we asked him who it would be. He grins when he admits he would love a piece of Angelina Jolie. Shocker! Well, we don’t have any magic wands to make that happen; but we can watch him stroke off thinking bout it.

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