Ricky Mora Miami’s Hottest Hunk On PowerMen

Sneak Preview !

Ricky Mora is one of Miami’s hottest! He’s been working the strip circuit for some time now, and shows no signs of slowing down!

He loves shaking his "groove thang" for a pack of screaming ladies, but confided that sometimes it was a bit too much. Feeling under appreciated, Ricky sought us out to give him the feeling of adoration and respect he was looking for.

So hoot and holler all you want at home, because Ricky’s doing this one for you! And you are in for show. Ricky shakes his money maker and drops those tight Latin buns like it’s hot. From tight, ripped up denim, to an even tighter thong, Ricky teases and tantalizes you until he thinks you’re ready for the full monty.  Let’s show him some love!

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