Teacher Teacher Live On Fratpad.com

This is a rather fun idea that the guys had. Instead of just doing a regular pay-per-view duo where the guys have sex on cam in front of a live chat room full of people who get to encourage the guys and help direct the action, this time Ricky and Dean are going to do a scripted scene in the spirit of a 1970s gay porn movie.

Be there when Dean and Ricky perform the first scripted Fratpad Duo with Ricky playing the handsome teacher and Dean playing the horny student who needs some extra lessons after class.

Be there for Dean’s first ever guy-on-guy action with Ricky in a One Night Only duo. Ricky and Dean promise a hot show with Dean’s first… um… well…you’ll see.

Tickets are $79.00 for this One-Night-Only Pay-Per-View event LIVE only on Fratpad.com

This is a one time LIVE event not to be taped and resold

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