Revenge Starring Rafael Alencar and Matan Shalev


 Rafael Alencar and Matan Shalev in Part I

Revenge – An evening of debauchery decimates a storybook romance, and there is only one way to even the score – REVENGE!

Furious at Matan Shalev for ruining his relationship, Rafael Alencar attacks the home-wrecking Israeli with every muscle in his toned body. But Matan is ready for him, and the two toss eachother around in a fierce battle for physical and sexual dominance. Rafael forces Matan into submission, and the battered hunk takes Rafael’s massive cock in every hole. Grunts of pain and protest turn into moans of pleasure as Rafael humiliates his opponent with a jizz facial.

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Click Here to take the XXX tour 

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