Matt’s Back!!

Big old Matt H is back and this time he decided to get all dressed up for his return visit. Wearing a very dapper floppy suit and a lovely pink shirt (with socks to match!) he wanted to be the first guy to christen the new BlakeMason filming location with a nice big load. Slowly and teasingly, Matt H pulls out his enormous uncut cock and begins working it to full mast. He’s such a charmer – smiling and flirting with the cameras all the time and that cheeky nature of his is just so damned hot too! Deciding to settle on the bed, Matt gets out the lube and covers his cock. Working it he steadily builds up the pace and finally spurts a massive load all over the bed. And being a true exhibitionist, he asks the cameras to follow him for his post-wank shower. Enjoy!

We love ya Matty and that’s a wrap