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Sexpack 8 – Scene 6

Sky Donavan is down by the Wood Stack, chopping away. Dark and young Andy Hunter shows up to help him load the wood onto the truck but un-loads Sky’s cock instead. After kissing and pulling each other’s dicks to freedom the boys treat us too not one but two separate fucks in the one scene, so you get double the cum shots!

Featuring: Sky Donovan & Andy Hunter.

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Lube Job – Scene 6

Cory has only one thing on his mind and even when he finds himself alone, he can’t help pulling on his own cock. After a man’s been fucked for a few hours, he can still feel the cock throbbing and filling his ass. This feeling excites Cory and drives him to jack his own hard throbbing cock. Mixed with the excitement of hiding from the boss in the company’s bathroom, he is driven over the edge, and he pumps his load all over himself.

Featuring: Cory Koons.