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 Randy West A Exclusive!

Some boys are just too pretty for the farm!


More PowerMen Exclusive Photos of Newcomer Randy West

You ever hear of a town called Pleasantdale? No? No one has. It’s a small town in Nebraska and as Pleasant as it must be, 18 year old Randy West just couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. So as soon as he became legal (ppffttt, barely) Randy hit the road ready to show the world just what he’s made of. How many teens do you know with a full, hard, ripped six pack, tight muscle ass and pumped guns?  But Randy gets a little more than he bargained (or could have hoped for) when on his South American junket he meets up with three muscle playmates for some beach wrestling and bare-assed surf-romping. Tough luck, hunh? Some boys are just too pretty for the farm.

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  Click here to take the XXX PowerMen tour 

Click here to take the XXX PowerMen tour 

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