Scenes From Pledge Class At

Recently we told you all about the Pledge Class debauchery last weekend… Here’s the first results with Kelan returning… the stunningly handsome blond surfer returns for his third Fratmen movie. He’s in the kind of shape you’d expect after hearing that he’s been spending his time working as a Life Guard since he shot the wrestling movie "Fratmen On The Mat." Is that not the sweetest hairy ass you can imagine? Enjoy.  

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Bonus Feature "Connor Takes On The Fratpad!"

Connor Takes On The Fratpad

The big news at Fratpad is that their newest pledge is none other than Fratman Connor. Connor has been a favorite at Fratmen.TV not only because of his great shows and great personality but because of his impressive 9-inch dick that he LOVES to whip out any chance he gets.  If you haven’t visited the Fratpad yet, you’re missing out on the best Live All Male Cam house online. 

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Some of you have asked what are the rules are the Fratpad?

So we have listed them for you here…they’re easy to follow hehe