Phenix Preps To Bottom At

PHENIX PREPS TO BOTTOM. Phenix Saint is a hot top, and can pound ass with the best of them. Phenix’s turn to get fucked is coming, however, and he agreerd that he should probably use a toy or something to loosen up that hole before some boy’s cock takes over.  This scene starts with Phenix stroking his cock. Then he sits down, pulls his leg up, and gently shoves the first smaller dildo in his ass as he gasps for air. He loosens up his hole and then grabs the ‘silver bullet’ vibrator. After he pushes the vibrator in his ass he starts workin his hole like he’s been taking it all his life. The scene ends with a massive cum shot as Phenix blows his load right through his Prince Albert. If you like to see a boy prepping his hole for dick, you’ll want to watch this. Check it, and cum back for Phenix’s bottoming debut. Enjoy. 

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