Patrick O Brien A UK Treat On RandyBlue

If you saw Patrick O’Brien sitting across from you in a steam room it would take all you had to not just stare at this sexy muscle jock. There’s his face, devilishly handsome with just a hint of sweetness. Then his body. Chiseled pecs and abs that sport a light spattering of hair that gets thicker as you go down towards a lush patch of beautiful dark pubes. From there rises his thick meaty cock with a large delicious mushroom head. 

When Patrick opens his mouth he reveal the most seductive English accent.   He is a landscaper by trade, his hours in the outdoors carrying heavy objects have given him a strong sexy body, yet he’s not new to the adult scene. Having explored modeling in the UK his first trip to the US is specifically to model for Randy Blue.  Aren’t we lucky!  You wil love the sauna scene….  

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