Once A CockyBoy Always A CockyBoy WOW!

Starring Phenix Saint And Jasper St. John

 At CockyBoys!


Sometimes Jake Jaxson has a hard time describing what he wants in a CockyBoy: Some are young and some are older. Buff, thin, ripped… true CockyBoys come in all shapes and sizes. Recently, he’s been catching up with some of the original CockyBoys.

Jasper St. John is one of those unforgettable original CockyBoys. He started out a couple of years ago when he first fucked Jason Pitt before going on to become a major player in the biz, where he is now known as Phillip Aubrey.

Jake LOVEs aggressive bottoms–so he hit him up on Twitter about a month ago to discuss his coming back to CockyBoys! Thankfully, he agreed…and now Philip is the first in a new series I am producing: ONCE A COCKY BOY…ALWAYS A COCKY BOY!

In this scene, he paired him with another original CockyBoy and all-time favorite, Phenix Saint. This is really hot!  Enjoy!

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Take the XXX free tour

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