Noah Fucks Derek On

 Derek was looking forward to this one! As sexual as he is and as much as he loves getting into some hot action and getting off, he seems to have a particular enthusiasm for bottoming – which is saying a lot because his enthusiasm and energy level are always pretty high!

So when faced with the prospect of being able to take on Noah’s big dick and feel it deep in him, pumping in and out, we can only imagine he was pretty eager to give it a go!

Noah surprised everyone by just how eager he was for the opportunity to fuck Derek, as well. While a total stud – muscled bod, big dick, masculine face – Noah is by nature a pretty soft-spoken and mellow guy. It’s hard to stay that way around Derek, though, and Noah clearly gets a rush of energy as he and Derek get going to it here!

Derek’s pants aren’t even off by the time he’s face down, ass up on the bed with Derek’s dick in him! Further, it’s just pure action between them! I don’t think they say a single thing to one another throughout the entire session, apart from Derek telling Noah to suck on his dick early on, each just knowing what they want and what to do. It’s just sex, sex, sex and sex – and this is only the first action update of this week!

And with Noah’s big loads, it’s only a matter of time before Derek’s hot face is totally caked in cum!

  Noah Fucks Dawson  At

Noah Fucks Dawson At

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