Introducing Nick At

Nick is another one that you could look at and fall right into his eyes. He told Buzz that he’s usually into girls, but recently experimented with his buddy Cooper! They’ve only done oral together, and Nick said he wants to take Cooper’s virgin ass on camera. We can hardly wait to film THAT one! When the camera’s started rolling, Nick’s voice slowed, and his eyes kind of got a sleepy bedroom look to them, and he really got into being filmed! He strips out of his clothes, and his hard dick flops onto his stomach with a loud smack. He never went soft after that. Nick usually jerks off a couple times a day, but told Buzz that he saved up almost two full days and he was really horny. When he stuck his hard dick into the FleshJack, he had to take it real slow. He plunges his cock in and out a few times, and pulls out to shoot a nice fat load that over flows his belly button. Nick’s dick never got soft, he wiped up his mess, and went for a second. He fucks the FleshJack for a few more minutes, and pulls out to pump another load onto his tight abs. This guy is a sex machine, from his full kissable lips, to his throbbing hard cock, to his tight bubble ass! Enjoy!

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