Introducing Travis At

Meet Travis. He’s a blond skate boarder who showed up to the location with the worst hair ever. No, really. They took him straight to get his hair cut and he emerged a full-fledged Fratman in no time. Travis was a trooper. His plane was diverted and he ended up taking a 23-hour trip to the set and once he landed we had 1 hour to get him a haircut and some clothes before he had to drop his pants and hit it full-on. He didn’t let anyone down. You can see his transformation on the member’s blog on Fratmen.TV and a sneak peek at his stills… Enjoy.

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Introducing Fratman Glenn

Meet Glenn At

Here’s Glenn. Glenn is the ultimate Prep-school guy. Right down to the boat shoes. He said that he was always too straight-laced that he wanted to do something really naughty just once. He didn’t waste much time. Members will remember him as the first guy to get naked and show his butt hole during the Fratmen LIVE! show on Fratmen.TV and they knew him from his canded nudes as he sunbathed out in front of the other guys wearing nothing but a smile. Oh, and don’t miss the "banana eating" video in the blog.  Enjoy this hottie! 

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